What is an Angel Pouch?


Every day has brand new energy and is filled with new experiences and opportunities for growth.

Some days can be a bit more stressful than others.

Some days we need the courage, strength and power of Archangel Michael.

And others, we need Raphael’s gentle, therapeutic, healing energy.

You might know that you’re going to experience harsh people today and need some extra protection, or you might need a little more abundance to start flowing.

Recently the angels guided me to create something new to help with situations just like these – an Angel Pouch!

What is an Angel Pouch?

An Angel Pouch contains specific crystals that the angels have instructed me to combine for a unified purpose.

The crystals are placed in the pouch as the angels weave their healing energies together, adding to and magnifying their power.

How to use an Angel Pouch

Listen to your intuition as you may be guided to work with your Angel Pouch in a new, creative way. Of course, be mindful and careful as you don’t want small crystals in places that children or pets can easily get to them.

You can take the crystals out of your Angel Pouch and create a crystal grid where you intuitively lay the crystals in a pleasing arrangement.

Currently, I am guided to work with the crystals when they are all bundled up in the Angel Pouch. It makes it so easy to carry them with you!

Some ways to work with Your Angel Pouch

– Carry in your pocket or handbag to carry the energy with you

– Hold the Angel Pouch and admire the crystals, colours, and shapes as you gently turn the pouch. You’ll notice the crystals catching the light, sparkling, and you may even see rainbows! Doing this for a few minutes will help you naturally fall into a meditative state.

– Place on your desk at work

– Hold in your hands and breathe deeply

– Place on your bedside table or even under your pillow (inside the pillowcase)

– Place close by you when sitting and relaxing in the evening (or day)

– Tie onto door handles to send the energy into the room

In just a few days, I’ll be offering a limited number of Angel Pouches (along with other powerful crystals) for purchase on my website!

The Angels have guided me to create Angel Pouches for increasing your intuition, peace and calming, spiritual protection, an Archangel Michael pouch for strength and clearing, an Archangel Raphael pouch for healing, and a Guardian Angel pouch for support and guidance.

Be sure to come back when the crystal sale begins!

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