Would you like to open and awaken your third eye?

And also activate your natural, spiritual gifts?

Well, when you do, it allows you to connect in with your angels on a much more profound level.

Your intuition becomes magnified and a lot clearer, and it helps to give you a feeling of direction.

So rather than having those questions of should I go left, should I go right? Am I doing the right thing? Your intuition will become clearer and you'll have that sense of knowingness, to know that you're doing what you need to do right now, and that your angels are there, supporting you.

But even more than that, when you open up your third eye, it opens up your clairvoyance.

Now, clairvoyance means clear seeing, and yes, this does mean that when you open up your third eye you may see energy, you may become more sensitive, more intuitive, and even see your angels. But what it also means is that it allows us to see past the illusions of the ego. It helps us to see the truth.

And so, if we feel that the ego is the fear-based voice and God is the loving voice, then anything that's created out of fear - stress, worry, anxiety, blocks, obstacles, any of those things, when you have your clairvoyance open, you're able to look past those obstacles. You're able to see through those situations and tap into the underlying love.

You start to see the lessons involved, and very quickly, you start to see a solution to those obstacles and challenges.

God is creating these loving things and the ego is that thing that's showing us the negative stuff. So our clairvoyance helps us to see the love, it connects us to what God has created for us, and allows us to move away from fear and focus only on the light.

Another way that our third eye helps us is when we pull oracle cards. Maybe you've pulled an oracle card before, you look at the message and you think, "I don't get it, I have no idea what this means."

And you've pulled out the booklet, you've read the message in there, and still, it doesn't really resonate. Well, when your third eye is open, the messages become a lot clearer. You can see past the words and the symbols and you know what your angels are trying to tell you, even without looking at the booklet.

And so, I know that amazing things can happen when you open up and activate your third eye. And so, today, I would love to invite you to join me for my brand new online video class, Awaken Your Third Eye With The Angels.

So in this class, I will guide you through powerful methods to open up your third eye, your intuition, and your clairvoyance.

I'm going to share with you specific crystals that you can work with, and my favourite techniques for each one of those.

I'm also going to talk to you about some healing flowers and how they can open up your third eye and your intuition, and the angels also guided me to create a very special Flower Therapy Third Eye Talisman, which I'm going to share with you. You will be able to print that off at home and work with it in some special ways.

I'll guide you through a transformative healing with the angels to clear away any blocks or obstacles to opening up your clairvoyance and you third eye. And I'm even going to share with you some nutritional tips that can help to open up and awaken your natural sense of intuition.

And so, as you practise these techniques that I share with you, you'll start to find that you become more sensitive to energy, that your intuition is louder and clearer, that you feel your angels with you and you understand what they're trying to say. And that your clairvoyance is helping you to see past those illusions of fear, to focus on the love and to find the solution in any problem.

Normally this class is $97, but as a special gift to you, I want to offer you this brand new class for just $57. And then, in a couple of weeks, around the end of August (I'll let you know) I'm going to be hosting a private live webinar which is only available to people that are taking this class. You'll have the opportunity to send in questions ahead of time and I'm going to go through and help as many people as I can to clear away blocks, to open up their third eye, and to awaken their clairvoyance.

So I hope that you'll join me to awaken your third eye with the angels, to learn how to improve your clairvoyance, and to activate your natural, spiritual abilities, to gain greater clarity and insight and direction.

Please do click that button below to register for this class today.

Maybe take a moment just to sit with this energy, to ask your angels if this is the right time for you to awaken your clairvoyant abilities, to tap into your intuition.

And if you feel that this is the time that is right for you, I would love to share all of this with you inside the class.

So please do click that button below and I will see you very soon inside Awaken Your Third Eye With The Angels.