The Ultimate Archangel Michael Stone


I had been searching for a particular crystal to add to my healing collection for many years. A crystal that is considered to be one of the ultimate Archangel Michael stones!

It carries an energy of strength, protection and power. It helps shield you from negativity while surrounding you in love.

It gives you the courage to be your true, authentic self and fully embrace your spiritual and psychic gifts.

This crystal clears away fears connected to your spiritual purpose and allows you to charge ahead with Divine grace.

You can see why I wanted to add it to my collection so badly!

Unfortunately, this crystal is quite rare, so only a handful of places supply the real, genuine crystal. Notice how I said genuine? Sadly because the stone is rare and therefore highly sought after, there are many fakes and manufactured crystals imitating this powerful stone.

What is the crystal?

The crystal I’m talking about is called Sugilite!

Sugilite, pronounced SOO-jee-lite, has a beautiful purple colour, and in rarer cases, you can see bands of blue sugilite, further connecting us with Archangel Michael’s energy.

Sugilite has an energy that is very similar to Archangel Michael. Michael clears away blocks, protects you, gives you courage and guides you on your purpose.

So, Sugilite is the perfect pair with Archangel Michael!

When working with the Sugilite crystal, you feel Archangel Michael’s presence more strongly. He will work with you closely, protecting and guiding you while giving you courage and strength.

A few months ago, I finally found my very own piece of Sugilite!! I was so excited, and as soon as I held the stone, I could feel its powerful energy.

Because it took me so long to find my own real piece of Sugilite, I couldn’t help myself, and I bought every piece they had!

And so, in a couple of days, I will be offering a very limited number of Sugilite pieces on my website so you can have your very own piece too!

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