Protect Your Aura For The Holidays


I’ll admit that I was hesitant in sharing this with you. When the angels showed it to me, I kind of laughed at first!

But, as always, when I listened and followed their guidance, amazing things happened.

I had to go to the shopping centre, and the whole experience was stressful and overwhelming. Going anytime near Christmas is intense, but I thought that 10am on a Monday morning would be okay… There were a million people, no parking, and everyone was rushing here there and everywhere!

I needed to protect my energy! I was starting to feel all the stress of everyone else, and as a sensitive spiritual person, you may find that you too pick up on other peoples energies.

Just as I was about to shield myself with a strong golden light, the angels stepped in and showed me something different.

At first, I laughed and thought it was ridiculous! But I’ve learnt to just listen. So I shielded myself with… tinsel! Yes, sparkly, glittery, festive tinsel!

I took a few seconds to imagine silvery tinsel gently wrapping all around my aura, and you know what? It worked!

I no longer felt as overwhelmed, AND it made me really feel the holiday spirit!

So if you have to leave the house, visualise yourself surrounded by silvery tinsel. Maybe visualise red and green tinsel for Christmas Day!

You’ll feel energetically shielded and full of Christmas spirit.

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