My Favourite Stress Solution


Releasing stressful feelings and emotions is profoundly healing! You’ll be amazed at how rapidly your life falls into place when you let go of stress and anxiety.

Suddenly solutions are clearer, the path ahead is obvious, and you feel confident in your ability to move forward.

But when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, everything seems more difficult. You can feel stuck, sinking, or even going backwards.

The stressful energy also slows down your natural ability to heal. It puts undue pressure on your body that doesn’t need to be present. It’s the equivalent of running a marathon for your mind.

Now, a little stress can be healthy and even motivating. It helps you see what you’re capable of, meet deadlines, and try harder. However, constant stress uses up vital nutrition that depletes you.

Stress convinces you that you have to hurry up. This stressful energy pulls you away from your place of peace and makes it harder to notice the many miracles around you. This is what the ego wants.

The more anxious and fastidious you become, the harder it is to connect with the Divine. And, Divine communication comes from peace and tranquillity.

A Powerful Stress Solution!

One of my favourite stress busters is working with crystals, particularly the beautiful Blue Lace Agate. As soon as you hold a Blue Lace Agate, you’ll feel your stress and worry melt away.

Blue Lace Agate brings tranquillity. Its sky blue energy melts away stress and worry. It relieves anxiety and lifts fears out of your aura. It focuses on the cause of your stress and works to lift it out. Blue Lace Agate pulls out stress through the layers of your aura until it is fully released.

Not only is this crystal wonderfully calming, but it’s also gorgeous! I love admiring the soft blue bands of colour, which somehow feel like tranquil water mixed with fluffy snow. I can’t help myself but comment on how beautiful the Blue Lace Agate is every time I pick it up!

How to work with Blue Lace Agate

Here are a few ways to work with this tranquil crystal:

– carry in your pocket or bag to carry the calming energy with you

– admire the soft blue colour and banding as a way to calm your mind and relax

– place on your desk to relax you at work

– hold in your hand as you breathe deeply

– wear as a pendant or necklace to bring tranquillity all day long

– place on your bedside table to help give you calm, restful sleep

– hold against your chest to calm your nerves

– place close by you when sitting and relaxing in the evening (or day)

I hope you’ll enjoy connecting with the calming, peaceful energy of Blue Lace Agate!

Side note: High quality, genuine Blue Lace Agate has become difficult to source in recent years, and be aware there are fake, manufactured stones. So only purchase from authentic, reputable sellers to get real Blue Lace Agate. Unfortunately, since it’s so hard to find good quality stones, prices can vary from reasonable to expensive.

Angel Prayer to Heal Stress

Blue Lace Agate invites Archangel Haniel into your space to bring calmness, tranquillity, poise, and grace. Here’s a beautiful prayer you can say while holding your Blue Lace Agate crystal:

Dear God and angels, please cleanse these stressful emotions and all of their effects. I ask that today be the day I break the pattern of stress. No longer will I become flustered, anxious, or fearful surrounding my day.

Archangel Haniel, please bring me peace. I ask you to show me how to live a calmer, more graceful life. With your loving help, I know I can break this cycle of worry and feel authentic happiness.

Archangel Jophiel, I pray that you surround me with love. As my body and mind absorb your healing, I will feel negative emotions disappear. Please show me the beauty that surrounds me.

Archangel Michael, I ask you to release all negative energies from my life. I know that the brighter my inner light shines, the less the ego can influence me. I call upon your strength and your courage to release fearful thoughts.

Archangel Metatron, please balance my life. I ask you to clear my chakra system to balance my energy. I trust in your guidance and will follow your messages.

Thank you, Angels!

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