How To Balance Your Energy


Whenever you spend time with someone, read a book, or listen to music, the radio or television, you are absorbing energy. This energy can be high vibrational or low vibrational, and this is why you may notice that some people or places make you feel energised, and others make you feel tired.

When you speak, share your advice, or send healing thoughts to someone you care about, you are sending energy.

The way this transmission of energy occurs is through your chakras. Chakra, coming from the ancient Sanskrit word for wheel, refers to wheels of light that both absorb and send energy.

The Seven Major Chakras

While there are hundreds of lesser chakras located all over your body, we will focus on the Seven Major Chakras, which restore balance throughout your life. These chakras have unique vibrations and work with specific energies.

Crown Chakra
Colour: Violet
Energy: Divine guidance, spiritual connection, enlightenment

Third Eye Chakra
Colour: Indigo
Energy: Intuition, spiritual gifts, clairvoyance

Throat Chakra
Colour: Sky Blue
Energy: Communication, speaking, writing

Heart Chakra
Colour: Green
Energy: Unconditional love, healing

Solar Plexus Chakra
Colour: Yellow
Energy: Self-esteem, confidence, personal power

Sacral Chakra
Colour: Orange
Energy: Creativity, desires

Base Chakra
Colour: Red
Energy: Stability, safety, security, strength, money

Clear & Balance Your Chakras

It’s impossible to completely avoid stress, worry and negativity, and these lower energies can create blocks in your chakras. This can leave you feeling tired, disconnected, and even more, stressed.

So I recommend clearing and balancing your chakras regularly to maintain your clarity, intuition, confidence, motivation and positivity.

An easy and effective clearing method is to work with crystals!

Balance with Crystals

Crystals carry powerful healing energies that resonate with the vibrational energies of your chakras. 

In fact, crystals are one of the first spiritual tools I connected with as I began my spiritual journey. I was instantly drawn to them, and soon I had gathered my own collection of beautiful, healing crystals.

I really do believe that working with crystals has helped give me a clear connection to the angels and a strong intuition. Plus, their healing vibrations keep everything in balance.

Crystal Balancing Methods

Working with crystals needn’t be complicated or overwhelming. Enough is going on in our lives that causes us to feel stressed, so let’s not make healing a stressful experience!

Choose one of the methods below that you feel guided to and allow the crystals to clear and balance your chakras.

Place a crystal on or near each chakra and allow its healing energy to balance your chakras for five to ten minutes.

Place a single crystal on a specific chakra centre that you feel needs extra strength and support, and allow the energy to work for five to ten minutes.

Take a single crystal and move it up and down the midline of your body through the Seven Major Chakras. Hold the stone in your aura – a short distance from your physical body as you do this. I also find myself bringing the crystal down from crown to base as I take a deep breath in. And then, as I exhale, I take the crystal up from the base to the crown. Repeat this process for several minutes.

Take a single crystal and hold it over a specific chakra that you feel needs clearing and balancing. Once you feel a connection to this chakra, you can move the crystal in a clockwise direction to help activate the energy and promote clearing.

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