Colours of Protection


As a sensitive, spiritual person, you feel more than the average person. A simple comment made in jest may affect you more deeply. You may want to hide when surrounded by large groups of people. And, significant world events can often cause you to feel physical symptoms like headaches, muscle aches and fatigue.

Every time you interact with someone, read an article, watch the news, or scroll through social media, you are picking up on a bunch of different energies and vibrations.

You’ve likely spent a lot of time working on yourself. You’ve practised meditation, read many books, and maybe even taken some courses. So, to keep your energy nice and high, and protect all that good work you’ve done, you’ll want to shield yourself.

One of the easiest (and most powerful!) things you can do is to shield with light. In your mind’s eye, see and feel yourself inside a ball of bright light. Feel it above you, below you, in front of and behind you. See yourself completely encased in a brilliant ball of light.

While white light is an excellent all-purpose colour to shield with, your situation may call for the energy of other colours to be even more effective. Let’s go through some different spiritual shields and when to use each one.

White Light

If you’ve ever heard anything about shielding, chances are you’ve heard about white light. It’s the colour most people choose when protecting their energy – but sometimes there can be better choices. That being said, white light is still a very powerful form of protection when used in the right scenarios.

White light is a combination of all the other wavelengths of light. So when you choose to shield with white light, you are combining a little bit of all the colours of the rainbow into your aura.

White light helps to reawaken the light within you and the light within others. So it can bring motivation and encouragement not only for you but for everyone that you meet. White light gives you strength, courage and support.


Deep, royal purple light is a fantastic psychic protector and is my shield of choice when attending any kind of spiritual event.

The purple helps you to stay intuitive and connected to your Divine guidance, but also allows any lower energies or negativity to bounce off.

It’s great when visiting expos, spiritual seminars, or even when getting (or giving) readings and healings. The purple light keeps your energy and vibration attuned to the vibration of your angels, and helps you to have faith and trust that everything is working out for everyone’s highest good.

It’s a great colour to work with when there is any fear energy, for example, anxiety, stress, competition, jealousy, or doubt.

Red Light

When you need energy, strength and passion, red light will be the best support. It gives you the power to go ahead even when you feel like giving up.

Some people avoid red light as they think it will be too aggressive or forceful (like “seeing red” or a bull charging toward red). However, red can be a wonderfully supportive shield that helps you to handle tough situations.

Red light can be like a blanket of security and safety, helping you when you’re feeling overwhelmed and worried.

Blue Light

When you need to communicate with others and find the perfect words, blue light will be your best friend. Visualise a light blue colour like the sky on a sunny, cloudless day.

There is something magical that happens when you protect yourself with blue light. It gives you the ability to talk to anyone in a way that conveys exactly what you wanted to say in a loving and compassionate way.

You’ll find that you say words you don’t normally use, but they are the perfect words that the other person needed to hear. It’s like the angels will give you the right words to help someone even if you don’t know what they are going through.

It’s great when having difficult conversations or when you’re nervous about bringing up a particular topic.

Blue light is also a favourite shield when I’m writing and teaching. It keeps distractions at bay and helps you to stay focused.

Green Light

When you surround yourself with a beautiful emerald green light, you welcome healing energy to fill your aura.

This form of protection is excellent when you need healing and comfort. It will help you to find the perfect practitioner and healing path to regain balance.

The green shield also helps to activate your natural gifts as a healer and will help you to uncover blocks or obstacles to your own healing journey.

It also protects you against the fear of others when facing health challenges. Every thought we think is helping to shape our experience, so this shield keeps your mind focused on healing and not on fear.

Advanced Shields

So now you have a few ways to shield and protect your energy! By practising this daily, you’ll notice your meditations are more profound, and your connection to the angels becomes stronger.

There are even more colours you can shield with, advanced forms of spiritual protection, and steps to take to ensure you don’t block out – or shield against – your angels. I teach about these in my certification course called Peaceful Protection. It’s these techniques that allow me to keep my energy clear and positive.

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