20th APRIL, 2017

You’re able to open up your clairvoyance through focused breathing.

Yep, something as simple as breath is also profoundly powerful. Imagine becoming more intuitive and psychic just by putting some intention behind your breathing.

This concept isn’t new either. Breathwork has a long history of healing applications spanning a multitude of cultures and beliefs.

Various traditional healers use their breath to direct energy and cast out blockages. You’ve probably seen this first hand if you’ve ever ventured to a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo!

~Clairvoyant Breathing Method~

While it’s not essential, finding a quiet, private space to do this will certainly give you a better result in the beginning. After you’ve been doing this for a few weeks, you’ll be able to do it while gathering groceries in the busy supermarket! 😉

Become aware of your third eye area – your energy centre for clairvoyance. It is right in the middle of your forehead between your two physical eyes.

Focus all of your thoughts and attention right into this space. Feel the sensations, pressure, or temperature changes that are happening in your third eye.

Just by choosing to focus upon your clairvoyance you already start the awakening process.

Now take a deep breath in, while holding your focus on their area in the centre of your forehead.

Then, breathe out, completely exhaling as you feel your third eye relax and open.

Continue with your breathing while putting all of your attention on your third eye.

You may notice subtle sensations as your psychic gifts awaken.

Imagine breathing in a ray of purple light. Feel the light being absorbed into your forehead.

Breathe out the purple light.

Feel your clairvoyance opening and activating in this new energy.

Repeat this process for several minutes.

In the early stages practise with your eyes closed. But, before you finish the exercise, gently open your eyes a little and continue the clairvoyant breathing. You might find your physical vision is more sensitive to light, and that you notice objects or even energies that you weren’t aware of before.

Sending you love and light,

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