Meet Robert Reeves

Spiritual Teacher | Best-Selling Author | Angel Communicator

Robert is passionate about helping others to develop their spirituality and awaken their natural connection to the Divine. He is a best-selling author, renowned spiritual teacher, healer, naturopath, and angel communicator.

Robert’s books have been translated into 15+ languages, and his online courses have students from 70+ countries.

As a young boy, Robert would see sparkles of light around others and noticed people that nobody else seemed to acknowledge. Overtime these sparkles of light revealed their true form and developed into beautiful angels with flowing robes and glowing wings.

Today Robert teaches others how to connect with their angels and awaken their gifts. He founded the Academy of Spiritual Development to create a sacred space for online spiritual learning and continues to create new courses and certification programs. Robert has a profound gift for being able to explain complex spiritual practices or confusing healing methods in a simple, and easy to understand way.

Qualified as a Naturopath, Robert combines his herbal medicine and nutrition training with his intuitive abilities to help his clients and readers.

Robert has written four books and a deck of oracle cards and has taught in-person classes in Australia, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, and Switzerland.

You can find regular spiritual guidance and inspiration from Robert on Facebook and Instagram.

Robert with Louise L. Hay
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Bachelor of Naturopathy
Bachelor of Western Herbal Medicine
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
Certificate IV of Bowen Therapy
Certificate of Bach Flower Remedies
Certificate of Emmett Technique
Certificate of Reiki Master
Certificate of Angel Intuitive
Certificate of Mediumship