I love helping people to awaken their spiritual gifts and naturally heal.

I love being outdoors and watering my bonsai trees in the garden.

I also love green smoothies jam packed with kale and spirulina – the kind that would make most people shudder!

I’m a spiritual teacher, best-selling author, and naturopath who loves to laugh and have fun. I have a strong connection to the angels and blend my herbal medicine and nutrition training with my psychic and mediumship abilities.

I believe we all have incredible gifts within us, and when you learn how to awaken them, your dreams really can come true.

I love to teach about spirituality and have created a number of online video courses which I’m proud to say have participants from over 60 different countries.

I’ve been blessed to become a best-selling author and have written several books which are translated into over 15 languages including:

Flower Therapy
Flower Therapy Oracle Cards
Angel Detox
Living Pain-Free
Nutrition for Intuition

with my incredible friend Doreen Virtue.

Spirituality has so many facets, and honestly, I can’t choose just one!

So if you decide to hang out here some more, you’ll find info on increasing your intuition, healing, connecting with your angels, getting messages from the Divine, protection and purification methods, as well as a bunch of other awesome stuff.


Bachelor of Naturopathy
Bachelor of Western Herbal Medicine
Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy
Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine
Certificate IV of Bowen Therapy
Certificate of Bach Flower Remedies
Certificate of Emmett Technique
Certificate of Reiki Master
Certificate of Angel Intuitive
Certificate of Mediumship
Accredited Member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia
Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society