4 Flowers To Help You Through The Holidays


The holidays are a time for sharing joy and love with supportive people in your life. No matter how you spend this time of year, we can agree that spreading happiness and peace benefits us all. This is our true intention for the holiday season.

However, when making that last-minute dash to the mall, and trying to find a car space, you may temporarily slip out of this joy-centered attitude. I find flowers, in particular, the four I share below, can be so good at helping us to stay on track.

Every flower has healing energy around it, as well as angels. By bringing flowers into your home, you also welcome the angels of nature into your life. The beauty of working with flowers (aside from the obvious beauty of the blossoms) is that friends and relatives won’t even know they are a part of your spiritual practice.

Chances are if I have white roses on display then I’m clearing away lower energies and attracting peace, but my friends and family simply admire their beauty.

Allow me to share four flowers that will help you (and your loved ones) to have an enjoyable, peaceful, and enriching holiday season.


The poinsettia is a classic Christmas flower – the bright red colours on the dark green leaves make it the perfect holiday mascot! They attract happiness and laughter by helping you to focus on what brings you the most joy.

It’s an excellent flower to work with at the end of the year as it helps you to refocus and re-centre. You’ll find that the New Year will greet you with exciting new opportunities.

Poinsettia reminds you of your true, life purpose, and that you needn’t spend your days doing things you don’t love. Remember, you’re meant to enjoy this wonderful life experience!


Lavender is a beautifully soothing flower that calms anxieties and melts away stress. When you become stressed, it can be much harder to hear your intuition or the voice of your angels.

When working with lavender, Archangel Michael is sure to be by your side. Every flower has angels that surround it, and lavender calls in Archangel Michael. He clears away stress, fear, and negative energies of all kinds. By working with lavender, you’re also working with this powerful angel.

Lavender essential oil is one of my favourite ways to work with this flower. Place two or three drops of high-quality lavender essential oil on a tissue. Inhale the delicate fragrance throughout the day, and you’ll find your cares and worries disappear.


At this time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in a never-ending list of constant tasks. If you’re a sensitive or empathic person, this can feel completely overwhelming! That’s where the daisies come in.

They help to simplify your life by bringing focus back to jobs that matter most. Yes, certain tasks can seem important, but when you pause for a moment, you may find that they really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned before your guests arrive may have zero impact on how much fun you’re able to have over the holiday period.

The daisies help you to take some time for yourself so that you get to enjoy this magical time of year as well.


The energy of chrysanthemum feels like a warm, comforting hug. It helps all family members to get along harmoniously. The flowers work by dissolving conflict and jealousy, healing those heart-centred connections.

How to work with Flowers

There are two main ways to work with the healing energies of flowers: fresh blossoms and photos.

Fresh blossoms

Bring fresh flowers into your home and display them in beautiful bouquets. You can include them as part of your table setting, or even give them as a gift to your friends and family. Simply having the flowers in your home is enough to bring in their potent healing energies.

Photos and Pictures

A photo of a beautiful flower carries the same energy as the fresh bloom. Its essence has been captured in the picture, and it comes through as powerfully as a fresh flower.

Display photos of the flowers mentioned above in your home to help encourage a loving, and harmonious holiday season. You might get creative and make placemats using the flower images, or even craft your own Christmas cards!

I love having the flowers displayed on a digital photo frame, so their energy is continuously coming through as each picture is shown.

Spread Peace

I hope that with the help of these four healing flowers, you will have a truly wonderful holiday season. Take care of yourself, and your loved ones, be safe and let’s do our best to spread peace on Earth.

Much love and holiday blessings,

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