3 Ways To Know It’s Your Intuition

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When you were born into this life, you were given an unbreakable connection back to Heaven which allows you to gain clarity and insight for any situation. That lifeline is called your intuition.

This is how God, your angels, and loved ones who have passed, communicate with you. And while it can be a little different from picking up the phone and having a chat, you can learn to build a connection that’s just as powerful.

Everyone has an intuition, but many times people struggle to determine if a message really is coming from their intuition, or if it’s just their own thoughts.

So today I want to share with you 3 of my favourite ways to know if that message is really a moment of Divine guidance.

Hold a High Energy Item

When you receive a message that you’re unsure of, perform this simple, yet powerful test.

Hold a high vibrational item like a crystal or beautiful fresh flower. Close your eyes and allow your energy to connect with the energy of the crystal/flower.

You might feel a tingling, warmth, or just a sense of faith and trust.

Now, ask for the same message to come through. If the guidance was indeed from your intuition, then you should receive the same message again with ease.

True Divine guidance comes through on a high vibration, and by raising your vibration with the crystal/flower, you are lifted above any lower energies or fear-based thoughts.

It will be harder to hear “false guidance” or your own random thoughts when holding an uplifting item.

REpeating message

Have you ever received a thought that wouldn’t go away? Perhaps you’ve had something on your mind that just kept popping up for weeks until you did something about it?

Your angels love you and want you to have the best experiences that life can bring. So that’s why they never give up trying to deliver a message to you.

Sometimes we miss the guidance first time around. Maybe we thought it was just our own thoughts or wishful thinking, but if it’s your intuition, it will keep coming up again and again.

It can also be helpful to purify your energy to help make your mind more open to receiving these intuitive thoughts. I talk about this in Tools of Light: Spiritual Solutions for Life.

you have more details than you should

Our fear-based mind likes to confuse us with stressful and anxious thinking. It will often use situations that we are going through and make them feel much worse than they really are. Your intuition does the opposite.

Your intuition brings through pieces of the situation that you shouldn’t logically know. For example, you might be stressing about a young relative or child. They are withdrawn and appear to dislike school and generally seem unmotivated.

The fear-based mind will obsess over the details we already know like worrying about learning, getting homework done, making friends, bullies, etc.

However, your intuition will bring through insights that you don’t know about, for example, you are struck with the sudden thought to take them to have their eyesight tested. Sure enough, they need glasses, and that’s why they were struggling at school.

So a great way to check if it’s your intuition is to take a moment to think about your guidance and ask yourself, do you know more about this situation than you logically should?

Your intuition is a sacred gift, and as you learn to connect to your intuition on a deeper level, you will see the tremendous blessings it can bring to you and those you support.

During my online course Tools of Light, I’ll help you to understand your spiritual connection, how you receive messages, and we’ll also tune into your angels to receive a profound message.

Plus, I’ll teach you purification techniques for greater clarity and to clear obstacles from your path, how to activate your personal power, and how to bring healing through your heart.

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