2017 Guidance

1st JANUARY, 2017

Every year brings with it a new energy. As 2017 arrived, I sat in meditation to receive messages and guidance from the angels about how we can have the best year possible.

This video is not filled with predictions, but rather insights to help keep you balanced and on track as we move into this new energy.

Here you’ll learn about flowers and crystals that the angels urge us to work with this year, as well as messages they wish to share with us.

Please leave the past behind and allow 2017 to be a fresh start. While others may try to hold onto the fear energy from last year, you are here to be a guiding light.

Focus on the blessings, the positivity, and your true purpose. By becoming clearer, you are more easily able to stay on track.

This year is about empowerment and fully embracing all of the gifts, knowledge and wisdom that you have. You can make a powerful and positive difference in the world!

Shine your light and embrace your gifts!

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May all your dreams come true!

Many blessings,

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